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How To Track Calls From Visitors To Your Website At No Cost

It is important to know how many visitors to your website call you. This doesn’t necessarily require special “call tracking” phone numbers. You can achieve a simple tracking of all calls1 from either your mobile of desktop web site visitors for free.

The actual tracking can track visitors2 from:

  • Your Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic
  • Organic or SEO driven traffic
  • Directly to your web site
  • From links sent in emails, and
  • From ALL your various social media accounts.

The information is all captured in Google Analytics™ (again for free) and you can use your own mobile, land line or 1300 number. This whole process requires no investment in 3rd party software or a new phone number that your do not own! A perfect solution.

Below are the URL’s for the resources mentioned in the video:

Script or partially hiding the phone number.

Setting up the Google Tag Manager for call tracking.

1. Please note that this doesn’t actually track phone calls, especially from users on a desktop device, however the assumption being made is that when you partially hide your number, if the user clicks to reveal it (which is what can be tracked) they then rang you. On a mobile device however, the click on your phone number (tracked) can also be used to launch a phone call and so the correlation is more exact. 
2. To determine the source make sure that you set up a Goal within Google Analytics based on the Event.

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